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We are here for each other during these testing times. By supporting innovators, family focused business and local businesses, we will get through this. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Women Owned Businesses

Karma Cultures
Lee Ann Luchka – When I started sharing kombucha with others, it was difficult to get quality cultures, equipment and brewing information in Canada. So I stepped up and filled that gap.

Puja Vij – Moving back to Calgary from Houston in 2015, I started to suffer from skin and hair issues while my husband had issues with his toe joints. Determined to find a natural solution to our problems, I tapped into the knowledge of Ayurveda and other home and natural remedies that I had experienced living in India, Namibia and Angola. Frönaturals was created to share with our customers our own experiences with these 100% pure, cold-pressed beauty oils, plant superfoods and small-batch distilled essential oils, the benefits of which we, as a family, had personally experienced.

Anna Wa – After welcoming my first-born child, I had a hard time finding simple, organic products that my baby could cuddle and safely love. We created a line of organic cotton baby loveys that also have organic cotton stuffing instead of polyester. These products are not chemically treated or chemically pre-shrunk, so parents can rest assured their loved ones are not exposed to harsh chemicals.

Innovators & Homemakers

Desmond Tsui – We wanted to personalize and bring back the simplicity in making coffee! However, coffee making nowadays can involve some very expensive, high tech machines. Unable to find a quality solution, we decided to make our own Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter. This is a filter that does not require any paper, which can take away the essential aromas of the coffee, offering a bolder and more flavourful coffee experience. It allows anyone to experiment and personalize their morning routine!

Chen Deng – LAMOSE started with a simple mission: reduce single-use waste by creating best-in-class reusable water drinkware. We name our products after Canadian landmarks and we hope it inspires our customers to travel the country, leaving no waste behind.

MDH Toys
Miriam Handfield – When a little boy broke down in front of my handcrafted jewellery booth because there was nothing for him at the local farmers market, I knew I had to do something. After six months of product research and studying Canadian toy-making laws, I developed an initial line of toys geared for boys, including character bowling games that could be used for storytelling and math.

Family Focused Businesses

Aja Horsley – I was formerly an Environmental Scientist working on urban agriculture and beekeeping projects. During this time, I noticed a gap in the honey market – there were no bee-friendly, innovative, health-conscious products. Even worse, the honey at the grocery store was often fake, wasn’t locally produced and had terrible, old-school branding. So I started Drizzle!

Benols Beauty
Stella Benson – I was previously in the finance industry, but am now a mother of three with a husband that travels a lot as an engineer. In 2017, I started searching for a business opportunity that would allow me to set my own schedule so I could have more flexibility and freedom to be with my family. After researching, we found ASM (Amazing Selling Machine), joined it and started selling on Amazon in June 2017. We decided to offer products that would provide a flawless look, with bold, beautiful eyes and face in minutes. Additionally, we wanted to focus on products that are high quality, all at an affordable price.

Coast to Coast
Products from Canada based small & medium businesses.

Deepak’s Dhaba
Chai(Tea) is my first product which brought me into the food industry in Canada. Another important ingredient of Indian cooking is the spices. Spices are a powerful component of Indian food. So to stay in power, we make our own spice blend from scratch. These spice blends have no preservatives or additives. All-natural ingredients to cook with. What we cook with, is now on the shelf for sale. No secret ingredient but just pure love and flavor to share with everyone.


Mathews George- The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Diploma Course is designed to help those who have scant or no knowledge about the disorder, to learn about how it happens, what are its symptoms, how the diagnosis is done and the different treatment techniques that are available. The course has been planned to help those who wish to work in this area and also clarify a lot of misunderstandings many people have about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Relevant details that give an explanation about who can be afflicted with this condition and how it occurs, the symptoms that are associated with this condition and what is to be expected when a diagnosis is made are explained to the students.

Curing IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Suthep SachasiriThis eBook is the click of a mouse away! It is an instant download from my desktop to yours and you can start learning how to manage those IBS symptoms the safe and natural way AND within minutes of downloading my eBook…If the suggestions put forth in this report don’t help you to take practical and easy steps towards getting the digestive system you were born with back… as quickly as YOU want them to, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

The Secrets for a Lush Garden
Yi Deng –

The Ilex Wood
The Ilex Wood Canada is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. All our products are hand crafted and made from all natural products. As they are all hand made with love, please allow for the occasional slight irregularity but you do have my word that no synthetic ingredient will be used in my products. They will come just as nature intended! In warm temperatures the salves and balms can melt or change texture so do keep in a cool dry place. As with any new product intended for your skin, please carry apply a small amount before use to ensure no allergic reactions. Please note: This product is made with Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil so will not be suitable for people with coconut allergies or not allergies. All Products are suitable for vegetarians.

Essential Relaxation
Lisa Burke- I have always been inspired by the practice of herbal medicine. I began making products for my reflexology clients on a case-by-case basis and the rest is history. All of our natural skincare are made from quality ingredients at our farm production facility in Prince Edward County, ON.

Wilco Supply Company
Custom Handcrafted Leather Pet Identification Tag made in Canada. A stylish, durable, and silent alternative to traditional metal tags.

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