The first step.

Living on your own can be challenging especially the cost of basic needs leading to lack in motivation for #selfcare. Sometimes our limitations are our own fears.
#Covid-19 has brought those #fears, #challenges, #struggles to surface, basically telling us there is no where to run now. It’s now or never.
Sometimes we don’t realize but take little things for granted because they are mundane activities. What we don’t realise is, it takes lot of space that is left empty where brain gets into that negative #selftalk. And that time is well spent with your loved ones with small gestures of #love, #kindness and #care while utilizing this time for #selfgrowth, building relationships and being #rolemodel for our family, friends, colleagues and future generations.

After we spent past few days to look for things to do during this #lockdown, we realised my friend enjoys cooking and might even be #perfectionist to the point that I call my friend #Gordonramsayinmaking.
Gordon ramsay or not, I was motivated to get back to cooking too. Check some of the images on my insta account – kaursblog of #chickenchowmein and #vegetarianchowmein.

I guess thats the whole point of having friends, #motivating each other, building each other, #empowering each other.
#2020 came and left, we lost so many, lost so much time but it taught us not to take anything for granted and be #grateful. #gratitude
Here is to the #newyear2021, #friends, #family, strangers, #healthy #lifestyle, #budgeting, #cooking, #hobbies, trying new hobbies, #adventures and building ourselves as well as others.

Author: Kaurs Blog

Interested in writing,, dont know where to start, Working fulltime,, enjoying and stressed about it,, In middle of career change , But im still confused,,, abt life,, Gaining perspective,, still learning anyone in same boat,,,

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